Herman Miller Exhibition

This project was a conceptual design for Herman Miller to use specifically as their exhibition at the annual NeoCon trade show.


The main objective was to do design an immersive experience that would allow attendees the opportunity to walk through the booth and learn about new products while also discovering aspects of company history. This would be made apparent in the print design and select furniture pieces from the archives.

The trade show booth would utilize a circular through traffic design and make use of digital media as well as physical furniture arrangements.

The project was presented in a custom designed booklet that detailed all of the narrative, design elements, and the user experience associated with the exhibit booth.
(Showcased below)

Orthographic Projections

3D models were created and designed to help showcase a more realistic rendering of the intended aesthetics and functions.

3D Architectural Design

Built in Google SketchUp, this design took about 1 week to complete final concept and another to fully build out the exhibit space. Thankfully, most licensed furniture and digital products were available through a Herman Miller 3D database. This made showing the product as it would actually be seen, even more convincing and actual to the design.