Preserving Hand Painted Signs

The project started as a simple visual exploration of hand painted signage throughout Savannah, Georgia. The city itself is inundated with a wealth of history, but unfortunately this important part of this city’s character is quickly disappearing.

In the city of Savannah, and as it seems elsewhere around the world, these artifacts of historical significance are being lost everyday. Painted over or taken down, neglected or forgotten, hand-painted signs are becoming ghosts. The story behind the signs is one of history, a storeowners pride or perhaps an expression that lures in the attention of those around. These signs tell stories and unless they are preserved, along with their messages, be lost forever.


I wanted to keep the book clean and minimal. One thing I found as I explored the streets and alleys of Savannah is that these images stood out to me on there own. They blended into their environment and I did not want the books design to detract from presenting this.