Signage and graphic wayfinding re-design for McCormick Field
Home of the Asheville Tourists (Minor League Baseball)

Primary Branding


McCormick Field, home of the Asheville Tourist, was built in 1923 and can seat a full crowd of 4000 people.
The Asheville Tourist are currently owned by the City of Asheville and operated privately by DeWine Seeds Silver Dollar Baseball.

The primary project objective was to complete a sign system for McCormick Field that could easily facilitate large crowds and give guests a comfortable understanding of how the stadium is laid out.

The new wayfinding signage was meant to seamlessly integrate with the baseball team’s existing branding. General inspiration was taken form the Tourists primary logo, seen above.

Stadium layout

After walking the through the stadium, it was easy to see where best to improve existing signage and integrate new designs. Using Google Earth, a new map of the stadium facility was drawn up and implemented into the project.

Assorted Signage Designs

Various designs used in the new wayfinding system