Week 1: Linear Thoughts

Adam JohnsonOne-A-Week0 Comments

Something about topographic lines has always peaked my interest. Maybe its the organic curves of nature or the varying gradation as slopes increase and decrease. Whatever it may be, it is probably one of the simplest things that I love to draw.

Allowing my mind to visually map out aimless creative thoughts is therapeutic. These lines mean nothing. They are not charting a course to elusive treasure or the best routeup a steep face. Ink on a blank page and left at that. But as I think about these mindless doodles, I think there may be more to it. Whenever and wherever, I scribble on everything, from work to-do lists to more detailed engravings. It seems that my thoughts are lost in the mountainous linear limbo. There’s nothing else I could aimlessly sketch and feel more accomplished drawing.


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