The Age of Creative Entrepreneurship

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Over the past week, the idea of starting a business, something small, has been on my mind a lot. I am to a point in my life where I don’t truly recall what the world was like in the pre-internet age. Having grown up alongside the internet, guided by LimeWire and MySpace, I still feel that I have yet to embrace what potential there is accomplishing just about anything through this platform. I have seen others do if through Tumblr, by growing a following and traveling the world. As an art-school graduate, in the last few years I have also come to understand the lesser significance of a portfolio and how more attention to your Instagram feed may be just as important.

As a graphic designer, I have been exposed to the success of other creative individuals taking place around me and I am to a point where I cannot ignore it. It is almost as if the urge has become contagious. I have considered business ideas before but never really pursuing anything beyond the thought. Waiting for the “opportune” moment has been something I have often dismissed ideas away with. Statements to myself like, “The timing just isn’t right.” or “I need to find someone who has experience with this before…”. There is no longer any excuse to discredit business pursuits in the Internet era of eCommerce.

So back to the idea of me starting something small. That is about all I am willing to reveal at this point. However, I will say this. It is simple, perhaps even a bit “campy”. No extravagant designed product or ploy for you buy my eBook. This isn’t going to be some ground-breaking idea or business venture, it really is just an experiment. I am certainly not the first to come up with this idea, but I do think there is something that has yet be explored and presented to a customer. And in that last sentence is the entire premise in which business is founded, and the root in which I think success lies.

The entry costs for growing a tiny idea into a small (or large for that matter) business has never been easier. Design continues to prove its true value with the masses and as that expands, more opportunity makes itself available for creative people to dream just a little bit more.

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