Sign Painting Workshop

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A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to take part in a 2 day workshop on a Saturday and Sunday. With only 10 spots in the class I was lucky enough to win a spot. Connecticut-based sign painter, Brian Kasper lead the workshop and covered the basics of brush strokes, letterforms, and best practices for hand-painting a sign. People from all different backgrounds attended which was fun to be apart of.

I have painted signs in the past before but I never really considered myself a “sign painter.” The workshop taught me the basics that I never had the patience to teach myself. Painting a letterform the proper way is much more difficult than it seems. As few strokes of the brush as possible is the ideal approach. The more efficient you can be with the brush the more skilled you become and ultimately since sign painting is commercial art, the more valuable are as an hourly employee.

Sign painting is rooted in the simplicity of communicating a message but the craft requires a respect to its history, its techniques, and the legacy a simple brush stroke may leave.

This workshop taught me a lot more than I was anticipating and I look forward to painting in the future with this new set of skills.

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