Neighborhoods FC

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Neighborhoods F.C.

An exploration into the neighborhoods of Baltimore through football club logos.

Baltimore is certainly a unique place to call home. Though, I’ve only recently called Charm City home, I’ve come to learn it has a rich history of hard work. The large immigrant workforce that once called Baltimore home as well, built this city from the moment they landed on any one of its numerous docks. Baltimore is built around what is commonly known as the Inner Harbor. This harbor helped support a growing economy that burgeoned on success found in capitalizing on this waterway. Quick access to the Chesapeake Bay and beyond, this was a gateway to trade and commerce until more efficient means through air and freight were established elsewhere. Though on a fraction of the story, this city embraced its independence and grew to become a thriving metropolitan hub.

Most people however see this city a little bit different than that. Have you seen The Wire? Baltimore has no doubt dealt with a plethora of problems but I do not believe it can be prescribed only one label, whatever that may be. It’s a diverse city with something that expounds on this more than anything else I think, its neighborhoods.

Baltimore has over 150 neighborhoods and each one, whether a few blocks or and mini-city in itself has characteristics that make it unique. I wanted to design a soccer team or football club logo for a few of these areas with the idea that there might be a team or club in which that neighborhood supports.

In thinking about how the rest of the world, Europe specifically, has an incredible number of clubs within a narrow radius of each other, I thought it would be an interesting design challenge to pursue.

Though I have only completed the rough digital sketches here, I still want to share the process. My next step is to continue tweaking the designs a bit more, adding in some color, and then as time allows, build onto what I have started. No completion date or target goal of how many, just a bit of an entertaining side project. (And for those who have read my other post about the Age of Creative Entrepreneurship, as a side note, this is not the endeavor I was alluding too there.)

Digital Sketches (work in progress)