Don’t give up the fight.

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For the longest time, I’ve wanted my website, this site, to be something more than what it is. Jumping back and forth between portfolio and work-based site, to a blog and a more current (or so I tried) representation of me. I think I have finally come to the gut-wrenching conclusion that I will never be able to perfect this.

As a creative person, I am often led down rabbit trails of inspiration. These creative sparks that float out onto a page as a tiny sketch or occasionally never even make it that far and simply fade away. The emphasis I put on forcing creativity has becoming a struggle and a stumbling block for my process.

This is a new, and yes, another step towards that infinite goal I can’t seem to obtain. Maybe I’ve made it finally? Only time will tell. Thankfully my partner in crime and creative wife helped me over a few areas I kept getting hung up in.

My new approach to this website I have is a creative narrative. A fancy way of saying this is me, creative pursuits in a much more raw form than I have expressed since my days of Tumblr.

Lesson 1: Creative problems are rarely solved alone.

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