Introducing Camp Mug Supply Company

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Introducing: Camp Mug Supply Company

Almost exactly a year ago I had an idea for a simple business. The idea was to take something I have appreciated for years and share that with others. Drinking coffee out of an enamelware mug has kept me caffeinated and creative over the years. While hiking through the lush, old forest growth of the Linville Gorge in North Carolina on summer, I clipped a trusty old camp mug onto my bag for nostalgias sake if nothing else. Over the 2 or 3 nights spent in the woods on this trip, each morning I found something inspiring about drinking out of it. Warming up a cold metal mug with hot coffee, sipping it next to a smoldering fire from the night before was a unique experience that has resonated with me ever since. 

One distinct memory was waking up early before the rest of my crew had, firing up the stove I heated some water and mixed in some instant coffee. Determined to have a moment to myself, I rock hopped down to the nearby river and finally could revel in this moment of nostalgia I had prepared for. This was it. Who knew something so simple could be this inspiring. 

Nowadays I keep a red enamel mug at work perched on a wooden coaster I made. There it rests until each morning when I fill it up with black coffee to kickstart my day. The HVAC systems hum as I approach my desk lit with varying levels of overhead LED lights. This is stark contrast to soft light filtering through green leaves on cool morning in the woods, but somehow the simple pleasure of this mug takes me back to those moments. Maybe I am lucky to have discovered such a thing, but I would be remiss to not try and share this with others. 

Whether you consider yourself an avid outdoorsman, reminisce to campground fire rings and the smell of charcoal grills or are just inspired by simple objects like me, I think there is something special about drinking your favorite beverage from one of these timeless mugs. The concept of simplicity is an overarching theme here if you haven’t picked that up. As I write this my internal thesaurus is searching for other words to add variety to these sentences but their are very few words that spell it out as simply. Camp Mug Supply Company is a simple idea: hand-painted, uniquely designed mugs. 

I’m not sure where things will go from here but as this brand grows, one thing I never want to lose sight of is the premise of selling a simple product, that simply inspires. I hope you’ll come along for the ride! 

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